Donation for SFODA (Sacrifice Families and Orphans Development Association)

Modern Plastic & Packaging cares about the society where we are living in! On 3rd, May 2019 Friday, MPP Plastic Cambodia donated some utitlies and food to SFODA (Sacrifice Families and Orphans Development Association) សមាគមអភិវឌ្ឍន៍គ្រួសារពលីនិងកុមារកំព្រា!

The donated items included:

  • Supercat spin mop: 3 sets
  • Supercat cleaner: 6 gallons
  • OHO Chicken (sachet) : 12 packs
  • OHO Pork (sachet): 12 packs
  • Enamelware 48cm: 12 pcs
  • Cloth hanger 15": 1 bag
  • Cloth hanger 17.5": 1 bag

Thank you for everybody who participated in the donation activity!

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